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Thread: Any news on the Haye v Chisora undercard?

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    i thought as long as the fights where sanctioned by a member of the what ever its called, and is an official pro fight, which the luxembourg board are, then all fights had to be treated the same, and be given their fair props and dues... i mean arnt the klitschkos fights sanctioned by some obscure board of control? i think its pathetic and school ground politics by boxrec and bbboc, like im taking my ball and fckn off and not inviting you to my party type shit... the way they have acted is embarrassing imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportofkings View Post
    I see, never knew it was the whole promotion that had to be licensed, its still fairly ridiculous though imo. And its going to mess up boxrec's rankings for all the fighters on the card, if they still refuse to list it later on.
    The results will go in, as far as I know...

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