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WTF is up with Boxrec all time ratings?


Gatlin time
It just uses a fairly simple formula.
But past achievements in previous weight classes weigh too heavily imo and fighters only get ranked in their last division.

It also doesn't work too well for eras with incomplete records.

Patterson above Liston is fine though.


World Level
Had a good look at this today... Jesus Christ. It does centre around guys being in weight divisions they last fought at.

Still look at these
Heavyweight - James Toney is higher than Bowe, Foreman and Fraizer
Cruiser-Roy Jones is No1
Super Middle-Sturm at no 4
Light Middleweight-Acelino Freitas at 8
Super feather-Rigo at no 6 and Loma at 20
Featherweight is a mess- Chris John is 20 places above Salvador Sanchez and Eusebio Pedroza