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  1. Zero

    Zero New Member

    May 16, 2015
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    I've been interested in boxing for over 2 years now, watching fights, see others training etc.
    And since I want to gain some weight (I'm a girl and I'm naturally skinny) I wanted to start boxing.
    I have a few questions though, hope y'all can help me out a little.

    - First of all: can you gain weight by doing boxing? Or do most people lose weight?
    - My mom doesn't really like the though of me boxing, I already told her it's about more than just beating eachother etc, anything else I could possibly tell or show her?
    - This may seem like a weird question but do they take girls seriously in the boxing scene? Since a lot of people still think fighting sports are just for guys etc.
    - Should I work on my condition before I start going to a gym?


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