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Rossco's general RBR thread.


Gatlin time

All that may indeed be true, but heteroflexibility has its limits.

Personally, that bloke needs to put his damn clothes on.
Isn't it getting hot in here?

Dinitrocresol, the dreaded brother of killer drug DNP

Risky and illegal dinitrophenol (DNP) has a close chemical relative which, like DNP, was marketed in the 1930s as a legal slimming aid. Dinitrocresol was five times stronger than DNP, writes Eric Colman of the FDA in an article on its history in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.

"Just before Isabella Laboratories started adding the substance to its supplements, an article appeared in The Lancet in which British researchers showed that dinitrocresol was an even more effective metabolic stimulant than DNP. A daily dose of 240 mg raised metabolism by seventy percent within a few days, according to the Brits. [Lancet 1933,2(67):1137-9.]"