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Ritson set for European title shot

Problem. There is an official challenger, Marvin Petit, who must be the next opponent of the winner of the fight on saturday. If Frenchman relinquishes to his position or EBU allows a defense, it must be an amazing offer to Tatli wants to travel.

Urquiaga would fight in UK, I just talk to his manager about it. They are in Helsinki and are going to travel to Savonninna tomorrow.


Doggy Style!
And Tatli is number 4 IBF. If Mikey García relinquishes the title, Commey needs a opponent. Chaniev or Tatli
What about Easter who's just lost that belt? Was a cracking scrap between him and Commey first time around, wouldn't mind seeing that one again!
Ritson v Burns and Kelly v someone like Ceferino Rodriguez would make for a great NE show and really help build the pairing.

Both should be ascending the rankings together as they are at about the same level. Both should be looking at Euro/fringe level for their next fights, they have shown they are well above domestic level so why not make a statement with them.