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NEW Warren Card @ York Hall - Fri 2nd March 2018


Harley Benn v Gary Cooper
Jake Pettitt
Sanjeev Shaota
Josh Kennedy
Zak Chelli v Jacob Lucas
Tony Vincent
Alfie Price
DP Carr v Paul Holt
Charlie Driscoll
Charlie Duffield v Chris Dixon
Andy Harris

[SOURCE: Boxing Scene]
I genuinely miss Friday Fight Nights, even though we were served up a lot of dross (not this bad).

I’ll look forward to this, just for the fact we have boxing on a Friday.
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This looks dire,as bad as the worst next gens to be honest.It will get the prospects out I suppose also any Friday night boxing on any channel is a plus and I enjoyed the the Hobson show the other day but if we slate next gens past quality then it's only fair to slate this one.