How to rock like Mike Tyson @ sugarboxing


I would like to advertise my educational wesbite if mods allow:

I want to proudly announce the release of our first article on Mike Tyson's fighting style and peekaboo elements at SugarBoxing! We plan 10-12 more articles, covering all major aspects of this style!

Part II: The stance, basic defensive moves and the jab by Mike Tyson in the Peek-A-Boo style of Cus D’Amato.

Part III: Basic patterns of the long range defense by Mike Tyson in the peekaboo style of Cus D’Amato.

Part IV: Basic drills with a slip bag done by Mike Tyson in the peekaboo style of Cus D’Amato.

It is a WIP, we will update content while developing other parts of it

Part V: Mike Tyson’s punching principles applied to hooks and uppercuts.



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Aug 1, 2012
Great articles and it's cool because what's written in the article pretty much confirms what I think how the peekaboo style works. I don't think it's perfect I think some parrying and blocking would help a lot not all the time but in certain situations if you want to close the distance it's perfect and in theory Tyson should always be walking forward cutting distance but in reality there are situations where you just can't and some parrying and blocking would help a lot. Also because it's a very energy demanding style and if you are tired or want to save some energy blocking and parrying can work wonders if you have the mindset that you HAVE to slip punches you will spend a lot of energy and in come situations the simple way (blocking or parrying) is the best solution.
But I really like the principles of it and I also think that your main defence shouldn't be blocking or parrying but in some situations or even some fights it seems like you make it harder for yourself than you have to by having the mindset of having to slip the punches


May 16, 2013
Here's how Tyson Rocks!

Mike Tyson punching principles applied to outside hooks and flurry of uppercuts / body shovels: Part IVa

Now it includes a desciption of techniques behind flurries.

Want to say that, the desire to break down moves like that was the major motivation in making our website 3 years ago. Now we are ready to rock!