Gonzalez-Srisaket March 18th!

Jun 2, 2012
Banger of a card this. What's the lowdown on this Srisaket?

They getting Usyk on as well?
Jun 4, 2012
Banger of a card this. What's the lowdown on this Srisaket?

They getting Usyk on as well?
Southpaw banger, Cuadras was lucky to take his title, was coming on very strong and really getting to Cuadras with body shots, Cuadras was tiring until fight was stop on cuts, there's a reason Cuadras wouldn't give him a rematch, very dangerous fighter.

Very strong and relentless, also goes to the body a lot, which could be key in beating Gonzalez

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Jun 4, 2013
Article on Scene says Cuadras is also on undercard.

GGG v Jacobs
Choco v Srisaket
Usyk v TBA
Cuadras v TBA

If they have half decent opponents then this is a early runner for card of the year.
Estrada been saying he wants the Cuadras fight, it's too much to hope for but you never know
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Jun 4, 2013
Estrada keeps calling everyone out, then moans about money and seems content fighting over the hill fighters. Frustrating, needs a big fight asap
Agreed and not getting my hopes up too much for that fight. Still if I was Estrada I'd take it, beat Cuadras on a big PPV and the chocalitito fight would be a big HBO main event fight for him in the near future for big money.

One thing I would say if Cuadras is on the PPV portion of the undercard for it to be worth while for K2 he will have to be in a big fight, no ones going to be interested in a 115 fighter in a tune up on an undercard.

Does Haymon not have a fight on the undercard though anyone know?
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Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
It's not hyperbole to say that Srisaket is probably the hardest puncher in the division. And although he is lacking defensively and is slow of foot, he is unrelenting in his pressure. If he can work the body and stay with Gonzalez enough until the later rounds, he might well have more than just a puncher's chance.

I remember when Yota Sato -- the WBC champion at the time -- was brought over to Thailand to fight Srisaket. I hadn't heard of Srisaket then, but it worried me that they were willing to splash the cash to get home advantage for him. In the end, he bullied and beat up Sato until the ref stopped it. And Sato was a quality, underrated boxer that was generally seen as #2 at super fly beforehand.