Free Peek-A-Boo Video Course on Mike Tyson style


SugarBoxing presents to you a free (but sponsored) video course on the Peek-a-boo

01 Stance: see playlist link below
02 Slipping, part 1/2 : see playlist link below
02 Slipping, Part 2/2: How to Actually SLIP like Mike Tyson?


After almost 5 years or researching the topic, gathering raw materials for the analysis, and working on the visual representation, SugarBoxing has finally managed to get the basics of the peek-a-boo as a whole picture.

This being said, SugarBoxing does not claim you will fight as successfully as Mike Tyson did,
but we do can teach you what we call "Mike Tyson Choreography", so your moves will resemble
Iron Mike while being technically correct.

P.S. I do not want to act as a spammer, so, I will not comment in this thread. Feel free to check our FB or comment on YT
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