Fightworks ABC instructional videos

Jun 6, 2012
Hi guys,

Some of you may know me, most will not but I own an amateur boxing gym in Blackpool.

We are predominantly a senior club and as such we have to be absolutely on point with tech for my lads to progress.

We have unbeaten pro Alex McCloy (5-0), a number of regional champions and a national finalist who has beaten a number of national champions and the GB champion.

We have won 32 and lost 4 of our last 36 bouts including 12 wins in our last 13 bouts. I love old school boxing and I'm trying to teach using traditional methods as well as modern. I'm a qualified personal trainer and have trained with, cornered and boxed some of the best fighters in the world as well as spent time with some of the best coaches in the UK.

Reason for the post and why I'm bigging myself up is I've started some tutorials and I want to share them and help people develop as well as face questions on the how's and why's! After all we are ALL learning every day and any coach who tells you he's worked it all out is lying or stupid.

Have a watch hope you can learn from it.