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    Mar 13, 2013
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    What are some tips to fighting well off the back foot?
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    Jun 8, 2012
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    Like most things mate, it comes down to your own attributes.

    Simple principles would be things like knowing the ring, fighting off of your back foot is fine, as long as you're the one dictating where you are in the ring, and you're not being pressed back in to a corner or on to the ropes. Work on stepping to the side, pivoting to change direction. Ideally, having your back towards the centre of the ring is perfect, because you have maximum real estate to play with. Get a gym mate to close space down, and you practice stepping around him. Start simple, push your lead foot one step towards him, and then use your back foot to step around to the side. Ideally you want to add something like a weave in there, because nobody will let you step that close to them without throwing a shot.

    You need to be able to control the range, it's no good thinking you look like Mayweather, when all that's really happening is you're getting smothered and out worked. Develop a jab, use it like a blind man uses a Cane. It's a guide. Even when the other guy isn't in range, use it softly and repetitively (ALA Rigo) because you know that anyone who steps level with that lead hand, you can reach with your power shot. Alternatively, use the jab to set up your own movement forward, people pick up on and follow habits, so a change of philosophy is always welcome. stiffen the jab, step in with a combination and then turn so you're back towards the center. It makes the other guy think harder, and it's important to show flashes of aggression from a scoring perspective.

    Fighting going backwards is difficult, because you give up the natural dictation that coming forward gives you. Focus on footwork, controlling the space in the ring and simple things like clinching (Clinch, and walk the guy back to the center of the ring, and hey presto, there's your space back.) and other space making methods. Offensively, get guys to walk you down holding pads, focus on punching and changing direction, and maybe even set up a piece of string from one corner to the other, and work on moving backwards, bobbing and weaving and throwing counter shots.

    More of a babble than a how to guide really.


    Care to contribute/critique?
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