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Do you have pets named after regular people?

Had 3 over the years of the many dogs in my life. Two were Pits, one named Ginger since she was the color of a roan horse with white markings, the second pit was one named Betty-----only because I got her when she was over a year old and was already named that. The third dog was my wife's cocker spaniel she had when I met her and his name was Cole, after Nat King Cole-----why, I don't know.

Mr. Brain

I am a spacker
all the dogs I’ve owned or lived with have regular human names except for one.

I consider them kids, even human sometimes cause dogs think they are people at times.

Elizabeth, Tiffany, Cassidy, Zenna, and Carter. The exception being Weezy.

How about you?

Ironically the outdoor cats are named Dr. Claw and Ming (the Merciless)

How about you?
Before I name the pet I watch them. Whatever they do I observe and use that to name them. Actually I did the same with my kids also. Anyway after a bit of observation I decided to name the dog "Eat and shit" and I gave him to my son who is named "Eat and shit" also.