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Cleto Reyes Hybrid Boxing Gloves Review

I can say there are a very good pair of gloves, they`ve got laces and also a Velcro so its pretty quick to put them on and off. It certainly gives the perfect fit for your hand and the leather definitely smells like high-quality leather. They are double stitched and have 5 airholes in the thumbs. When I put them on they surely felt like a very well constructed glove and my wrist support felt strong and solid when I tried them on with a heavy bag.

At first sight padding didn`t look super thick but when I tried them on with a heavy bag they actually felt really good and they absorbed the impact very well.
Another counter that I found was that they got tags on the inner-side of the wrist where the glove finishes. Not an issue but I think it`s unnecesary.