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Dec 29, 2015
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Hello to all, i was wondering if any of you guys has something like lets say a list of boxing combos available somewhere round ur hard drives and 'd like to share cause i cant find a decent one out there i mean like a list of combos illustrated like this one
subir imagenes gratis

just like the first three images where you can see the short combo jab, cross, left upper

i mean a list just like that one where you can actually see what's the next punch, into your combination, would love to hang out that sort of lists on my wall so i don't forget combinations when i'm hitting the heavy bag, any help much appreciated


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Aug 1, 2012
I find it weird to set specific combos. There is an indefinite amount of combos and I don't think any cant work under the right circumstances.
Straight punches (whether its a jab or a power punch), hooks and uppercuts in all variations and to the head AND body alone make for a ton of combinations with conventional 3-4 punch combinations alone + add rythm changes, slips, counters of all kind and whatever -> even if you limit it at lets say 8 punch combinations even though in theory it isn't limited you have mathematically a HUGE amount of combinations surely it's in the thousands.

And I believe everything works it just has to be at the right moment in the right situation. Alternating left and right is the classical thing for obvious reasons but doubling up is even sneakier and even alternating left and right hooks which isn#t that pretty can serve a purose in the right situation.

Also superman punches only work the way they are meant if kicking is allowed the whole puroose is that it's a kick feint and if kicking isn't allowed its just an ineffiecent slower and weaker way of covering distance because some think it looks cool
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Dec 29, 2015
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i am aware that there's no specific rule to follow a combo it just turns out the way it is in your head i suposse and what is convenient for you at the moment of throwing, but anyhow if your an amateur like me, well sometimes it just doesn't work that way and u get confuse wether you like it or not at the right time of throwing combinations,,, so i think it would be nice to set a pair of those combos so i don't tend to forget what to throw right after a straight left or upper or whatever,
Jun 6, 2012
Work on principles rather then specific combos.

Combos are largely irrelevant because the opponent will rarely do what you want him to. Try and think about what would work after a hook and why? What would help set up the hook? What would hide a cross? What could I throw after a cross.

Of course some set combos are useful but the reality is you need to be versatile and know which shots link well together and which don't. The right hook and left hook body for example work beautifully together for a number of reasons.