Beginning with Boxing

May 4, 2016
Hey guys,
I want to start with Boxing for
1. to get better condition,
2. To loss some weight with a interresting sport .
I want to buy a Standing punching bag, because I live in an apartment. thereby I can not drill into the ceiling.
I want to buy this one

Its in German because im from Germany :) i will translate.
Height: 170 cm, Results Overall Length: ca.142 cm, Diameter: about 39cm, Diameter base: about 69cm
Filling: special foam. The weight is arround 140kg.

Im not a expert in this. This is the reason i ask you guys :)

Is the size ok, i think it can be a little to smal?
Are standing punching bags good in general? or should i do on in the garage?

If i have a back the next questions i have is:
What is a good workout plan? I want to spend before work 20 minuts every Day. Is this enough to get results off?
Which Technics are good for newcommer in Boxing? I have watch some videos on youtube. But i dont have really a plan what to do.

Would be really nice from you guys if you could create a good plan for me so I can start to exercise. BTW if someone means the boxset I'm about to buy isn't good then pls recommend me a good one but explain to me why it's better, I have a budget of 190€.

Thank you guys on advance. :)
Jun 4, 2013
Set it up in your will make alot of noise in your house.
If you really want to box I suggest you find a gym and trainer who knows boxing.

The trouble with training yourself off YouTube is you will miss some stuff and do some stuff wrong.

Each time you than practice the wrong thing you will engrain bad habits.

If you can't get to a gym might be better to RU . do push ups, pull ups. Sit ups, jump rope. Get your body in condition.
Jun 4, 2013
If you really insist on being self taught find some videos by legit trainers....not random YouTube guys...that stuff is hit and miss
Jun 6, 2012
Try and get an instructor to show you the basics - if you punch correctly you will engage your whole body, more muscle, more energy, more caloric requirements (lose weight).