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    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

    Got an account open on Binance this morning. Looking at it, it seems restricted. I can't see DENT on there or ZER. Any tips for desktop exchanges that are accepting new registrations and have DENT and ZER on it?
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    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

    Cheers mate. Binance not allowing registrations at the moment.
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    Anyone invest in Cryptocurrency?

    What platform or exchange site is easiest to use when getting started in trader crypto? - Ease of set up - Ease of buying/selling - An App as well as desktop site if possible ?
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    Your 5 Greatest footballers post Maradona

    Ronaldinho Ronaldo C Ronaldo Messi Zindane Pretty easy for me. Zidane not way ahead of numerous other players who could make it but the other four are nailed on.
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    Do you/would you ever text any of your friend's wives or girlfriends?

    No, never. Most of them are the last type of people who I would want to be texting or talking to. I have no reason to be close to or get close to any of them girls. The only reason I would is if there was an emergency or something like that.
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    CHB prediction league fixtures for 28th Jan 2017

    Frampton on Points Garcia KO 7 Selby on Points Miura on Points Vargas KO
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    If you played an nfl football game with your age right

    Safety and I'd be decapitated by a strong forearm push.
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    CHB prediction league fixtures for 14-21 January 2017

    Vitu on Points Davies Jr TKO 4
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    CHB prediction league fixtures for 14-21 January 2017

    Degale on points. I want to join up if it's a new year. 30 seconds into the fight. Let me in!
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    I'm in a bit of a good friend wants me to help him with surveillance

    Nothing wrong with Connacht lately in the rugby! Ah yes, I should have got that to be fair. That was 2008 mate :lol: I have been in two long term relationships since and now freelance. 29 now and I was 16 when I first posted on ESB. That's crazy to think of. How's all with you? That half...
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    I'm in a bit of a good friend wants me to help him with surveillance

    Mo chara!! Who the fuck is this? :lol: Name change?
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    Could Ronda Rousey beat up any of the champions in boxing today?

    Such a retarded topic. In a boxing match. any average amateur level male boxer in any weight division KO's the most overrated sportsperson of my generation in 30 seconds max. Floyd v Rousey :lol: One jab would put her on her hole. Imagine if he let go a hook :lol:
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    Pick Up Artist stuff. Do you buy into it.

    What's seen as the best PUA book for 2016? I read Neil Strauss - The Game out of curiosity about 7 years ago. It's probably outdated but was a fun read. Couldn't take it too seriously or you will objective every woman and loose any natural charisma or personality that you have.
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    Doing an illustration for a political magazine. Can any of you decipher the message?

    Maybe I attract this sort of thing but including you, my identity or photos have been used four times now online.