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Jun 13, 2012
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North Spunchester

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Boxed Ears

Hat not photoshopped, from North Spunchester

North side! Feb 12, 2018

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Feb 16, 2018 at 8:51 AM
    1. Boxed Ears
      Boxed Ears
      North side!
    2. IntentionalButt
      You are needed in S&R.
    3. Phantom
      Hope SNV comes back and goes to India to face the legendary Jugdish Kapoor...the Poona's a match made in heaven. The only obstacle to true greatness for the boy..
    4. BigBone
      What happened to you, Brah, what happened?

    5. Jab
      hi well you and ilesey are becoming my best mate on chb but today i dont want to collect material for my files because the black panther eusebio is no longer with us R.I.P

      My best boxing jokes

      1. austin trout
      2. when they put john terry celebrating everywhere
      3. when everyone was silly to stevie chinnock because he took a best shot off derry matthews
      4. when everyone was being a joker to abraham calling him a pedofile
    6. Ilesey
      Hello Uncle Boxed, I miss Jab. I hope he's okay and is looking forward to Christmas. I gave him your files, I hope you don't mind. I did it Thursday. No, wait. Um. It was Friday, actually. Yes, Friday the 97th of 1982.
    7. Ilesey
      One time when I was sitting outside, my neighbour waved to me, so I waved back. My friend walked outside naked while eating a moist was really moist, or so the story goes.
    8. Pedderrs
      Cawk smasher.
    9. Vysotsky
      So Kostya isn't in camp at this point but Povetkin said he hopes Tszyu will join... so he's still welcome. First definitive answer.
    10. BigBone
    11. tommygun711
      im honored to make your sig back when I was a noob and couldnt tell that you were trolling about valuev
    12. BigBone
      #shot #over the hill #retire
    13. Ilesey
      Whereabouts are his current


      Was he that dark skinned fellow who played the blind guy in hear no evil, see no evil?
    14. Vysotsky
      Hryunov seems shady, Lebedev split with him after the Jones fight saying it was due to personal reasons. Ryabinsky kind of amuses me and spending his own money to help fund the health ministry to get legislation passed so pedo's are chemically castrated means he'll always hold a special place in my heart, that guys alright.
    15. Vysotsky
      Just read a update. So Povetkin starts camp July 10th and Zimin will be in charge. Roach will arrive in Russia Aug 15th and he'll be a coach not just a consultant. Haven't read anything definitive about Tszyu just speculation. IMO it would be a terrible decision to fire Tszyu, Povetkin's looked good under him, he's a fitness guru who demands discipline which Povetkin needs and he speaks English/Russian and can help translate with Roach.
    16. Vysotsky
      All i'v seen was a brief statement from Zimin, him and Tszyu both coach Povetkin. Zimin was baffled and said he didn't understand the point of including Roach or what benefit it would have. Zimin hasn't been fired he's still coaching Sasha, it didn't mention Kostya but i assume he's still working with him too. Ryabinsky is a media whore obsessed with P.R. he clearly wants to draw as much interest for the fight as possible. I think its a bit of a publicity stunt to gain more American attention.
    17. Vic
      SupĀ“ professor !
    18. Ilesey
      Apparently SJ doesn't post there...?
    19. kirk
      Boxed Ears!!!! whatsup man!? Good to see you! :D
    20. BigBone
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