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  1. TheMaster
  2. V-2
    V-2 Wiirdo
    Surely you've taken shits that are more aesthetically pleasing than your current avatar. Glad you agree re: identity politics anyway; I'm as anti-Trump as ever, but the politics of division being popularised by the 'Alt-Left' is so counterproductive to avoiding another disaster in 2020.
    1. Wiirdo
      Yeah it's divisive nonsense. This avatar is just a bit of light trolling but I'll probably change it back very soon cos it's horrid.:lol:
      Feb 19, 2017 at 8:13 AM
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    2. V-2
      Well he's a cretin IMO but there's too much whataboutism with Soros to deflect from the Trump Admin these days. He's replaced the previous "What about Hillary" ism's and it's lame. I honestly don't understand why the guy doesn't just fuck off and enjoy his enormous wealth to the fullest extent considering he'll be checking out soon, but whatever.
      Feb 19, 2017 at 8:43 AM
  3. V-2
    V-2 Felix
    In 2017, Anti-Intellectualism Reigns Supreme.
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    2. Felix
      Is this how civilisations decline and vanish?
      Feb 18, 2017 at 11:36 PM
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    3. V-2
      The forced cultural hybridization that's been taking place aside, at this point it's more terrifying than humourous to me how many people take such pride in boasting about how uninformed (or just downright stupid) they are.

      I see western society as heavily resting on its laurels at this juncture; on the foundation laid and breakthroughs made by previous generations. It isn't going to hold forever.
      Feb 19, 2017 at 12:31 AM
  4. V-2
    V-2 PityTheFool
    I think it's proper time you started asserting your Supreme Heterosexuality around this joint. People actually pledging to post MOAR Politics FFS.

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  5. gbrandon
    gbrandon CASH_718
    It's getting worse
  6. gbrandon
    gbrandon CASH_718
    More ass rape for you.
  7. Sister Sledge
    Sister Sledge SuckaPunch510
    There a site called "thecoli.com". It's a pretty big site. Bama told me about the site, and he posts there now. He goes by Dave_the_Man.There are some other CHB guys on there, too. It's a good site, but a little to big for me. Not as cozy as this site.
  8. TheMaster
    It sounds like this fight won't necessarily be in NZ. Samoa, Singapore & Manchester are all possibilities according to the guy from Duco...
  9. TheMaster
    It would be a duck on Parker's behalf if they forced it in NZ knowing half of team Fury may have trouble entering the country tbh...
  10. TheMaster
    Posted by tawetrent on 4th Feb 2017..
  11. MyName
    Be visceral and true.
  12. KO-KING
    Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
  13. gbrandon
    gbrandon Bjj_Boxer
    So does your monkey mother
    1. Bjj_Boxer
      Lol...case in point
      Jan 31, 2017
  14. Mrboogie23
    Mrboogie23 Jay
    Yo, maybe we can get some interviews with boxers about upcoming fights? Maybe get a videos and post them here with the live footage of interviews. Have some people doing it in the UK, have some doing it in the states. Maybe that'll up site traffic?
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    2. Jay
      working on a platform for this and more! ;-)
      Jan 30, 2017
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    3. Mrboogie23
      Cool, maybe I can try and help with the SW scene. Maybe help with the MMA section too. I mean Jackson Winklejon is based in the city where I live. They know my family.
      Jan 30, 2017
  15. PityTheFool
    Predator v Prey
  16. dabeast
    I'm a filmmaker but I've always been a massive fight fan. I love writing screenplay centred around boxing and MMA.
  17. sosolid4u09
    Huz da donkey now
  18. Beefcake
    Beefcake Wiirdo
    Thanks again, bud!
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  19. anchorman
    Sports fan
  20. Boggle