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  1. UK fight fan
    UK fight fan all at sea
    Hi @Gronf have you been to meet your mate Ryan to cross cocks with at Cheltenham train station recently.

    I don't want to alarm you but I've just checked your post history and every comment you've made in the last 6 pages is about Ryan. Plus your 42 mate. Have sexual intercourse with a woman and you'll be able to move on
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  2. UK fight fan
    UK fight fan all at sea
    Hi @Gronf . What's it like being 42 and being obsessed with another man on the internet.
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  3. Undefeated chump
    Undefeated chump
    CHB predictions league champion.
  4. Haggis
  5. Decy
    Decy huntingground
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    2. huntingground
      Thanks, it is asking me to register and also for credit card details. I am very wary about doing that. Thoughts?
      Oct 28, 2017
    3. Decy
      Oct 28, 2017
    4. huntingground
      Thank you very much, got that one working :)
      Oct 28, 2017
  6. Mandanda
    Wanna talk Boxing?. Join me at SkillspaybillsBoxing on Facebook.
  7. Brickfists
    Brickfists PityTheFool
    Mate I don't now how to send PMs. Is there anything we can do for Mutt ? Maybe have a whip round and get him something ?
  8. DobyZhee
    In your mom
  9. closer1
    closer1 Tangerine
    can you post the link you have for the groves fight? cheers mate
  10. johnbritto
    Instagram Clone
  11. Truth42
    Status duly updated.
  12. YaThatAintRight
  13. Decy
    Decy PHONK
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  14. Decy
    Decy Elyblueaj
  15. Decy
    Decy Elyblueaj
  16. Hooch
    Hooch thechosen1
    Link if you can buddy
  17. all at sea
    all at sea Black Mamba
    He never really left (sadly)
  18. khan_is_delusional
  19. hazza
    hazza Felix
    hey felix, its haz, mate just seeing whether you still have that tyson painting, if so, what's your price mate, i want it
  20. junior-soprano
    junior-soprano Trail
    Ian me friend how are you and the missus ?
    Me nr. Is 06-28888342...but not phone me now..i am in bed and me wife sleeps already
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