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  1. closer1
    closer1 Tangerine
    can you post the link you have for the groves fight? cheers mate
  2. johnbritto
    Instagram Clone
  3. Truth42
    Status duly updated.
  4. YaThatAintRight
  5. Decy
    Decy PHONK
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  6. Decy
    Decy Elyblueaj
  7. Decy
    Decy Elyblueaj
  8. Hooch
    Hooch thechosen1
    Link if you can buddy
  9. all at sea
    all at sea Black Mamba
    He never really left (sadly)
  10. khan_is_delusional
  11. hazza
    hazza Felix
    hey felix, its haz, mate just seeing whether you still have that tyson painting, if so, what's your price mate, i want it
  12. junior-soprano
    junior-soprano Trail
    Ian me friend how are you and the missus ?
    Me nr. Is 06-28888342...but not phone me now..i am in bed and me wife sleeps already
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  13. sosolid4u09
  14. Bulakenyo
    R.I.P. Chocknut
  15. DBerry
    DBerry CASH_718
    Fucken pathet bitch made faggot, running away from the fights you start hahaha. What a fucking joke.
  16. DBerry
    DBerry CASH_718
    Cocksucking little bitch made faggot
  17. rjjfan
    rjjfan thehook13
    Whassap? You got a link brah?
    1. thehook13
      Aug 27, 2017
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    2. rjjfan
      Thanks mate, I just got a link so if that goes down I'll use yours.
      Aug 27, 2017
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  18. Chatty
    Chatty Roe
    Hi mate,

    Any chance you can put a temp ban on my account from Sept 1 through to Dec 1 mate.

    Got a load of work coming up and I want to take away any distractions.


  19. Trout Mask
    Trout Mask
    Enfeebled by malign forces ...
  20. Bogotazo
    Bogotazo tezel8764
    Thanks a lot dude! There's another moment where instead of getting clocked JMM parries the punch. With that one in the middle it would be even cooler to see the evolution of his "adjustment" of the timing. If you can dig that up at any point that would be great, or I can find the exact time too. Much appreciated. If you don't have time don't sweat it.
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    2. tezel8764
      Yeah man, I couldn't find it. If you can point to what round and time i'll put it in.
      Jul 27, 2017
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