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  1. Trout Mask
    Trout Mask
    Enfeebled by malign forces ...
  2. Bogotazo
    Bogotazo tezel8764
    Thanks a lot dude! There's another moment where instead of getting clocked JMM parries the punch. With that one in the middle it would be even cooler to see the evolution of his "adjustment" of the timing. If you can dig that up at any point that would be great, or I can find the exact time too. Much appreciated. If you don't have time don't sweat it.
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    2. tezel8764
      Yeah man, I couldn't find it. If you can point to what round and time i'll put it in.
      Jul 27, 2017
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  3. Jack McW
    Jack McW
    Fill Your Boots
  4. this_is_box
    w w w . boxingprophet . c o m
  5. Bogotazo
    Bogotazo tezel8764
    So the gif showed an earlier round, maybe round 2, in which Pac did the exact same front-back-front-front 1-2 move, and JMM parried the left hand. Then it shows the actual KO from the live footage perspective with the same exact stutter step. It was eerily close how similar Pac's movements were in both gifs.
    1. tezel8764
      Ok I'll have a look. :good
      Jul 20, 2017
    2. tezel8764
      Jul 27, 2017
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  6. Bogotazo
    Bogotazo tezel8764
    Hey dude. Hope you've been good. Was wondering if you remember uploading that side by side gif of Pacquiao doing his stutter step that he repeated right before the KO.
    1. tezel8764
      Damn it's be awhile, could you describe what was in it?
      Jul 18, 2017
  7. Felix
  8. Goomba
    Making $$$$$. You?
  9. element09
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  10. Tarking Rubbish
    Tarking Rubbish
    You can tark the tark, but can you wark the wark?
  11. Tarking Rubbish
    Tarking Rubbish
    You can wark the wark, but can you tark the tark.
  12. W8ing 4 a M8
    W8ing 4 a M8
    Just waitin for a mate
  13. Boxfan
    Boxfan all at sea
    Hi mate. Ill be off the boards for the next couple of weeks. From Saturday. Speak soon.
  14. PolishPummler
    PolishPummler Joe E
    I'm having fun watching the meltdown. They are slowly dropping off. Only a few regular delusions left!
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  15. PityTheFool
  16. buff my helmet
    buff my helmet
    Big Daddy is back baaby
  17. Jon_Snow
    Jon_Snow Dave
    have you a link for your stream please mate?
  18. Dustaine
    Dustaine Strike
    Hi, Strike, are you around?
  19. Field
    Field Rob
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  20. V-2
    V-2 Matty lll
    Not intending to shun your original BR thread, mate. There was just so much uncertainty at the time and far too much clutter in there with people going off topic and riding my dick. It isn't about ME, I just want to discuss the damn film(s).
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    2. Matty lll
      Matty lll
      lol doesn't worry me at all mate, may as well start a new thread for the new trailer :)
      May 10, 2017
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