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    by Published on 26-01-16 09:53 PM
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    Staff writer Arran McLachlan covers the night of Championship Boxing at York Hall ...
    by Published on 25-01-16 02:25 AM
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    John David Jackson is a former two division world champion and one of the most respected trainers in the sport. Jackson is most known for his work in the corner of Sergey Kovalev, ...
    by Published on 18-07-15 01:06 PM
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    Following the news of his retirement this week, I take a brief look back at Carl Froch and the one thing he couldn't quite achieve in a glittering career. ...
    by Published on 25-03-15 06:09 PM
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    Unbeaten British middleweight prospect, Adam Etches (18-0-0) answers some of your questions ahead of his fight with Sergey Khomitsky (29-11-3). ...
    by Published on 18-03-15 09:03 PM
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    (interview by Robert Brown) I recently had a chance to speak with former lightweight champion, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini. Mancini was one of the most popular fighters of the 1980’s with his fan friendly, straight ahead aggressive style ...
    Published on 18-03-15 06:06 PM
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    CHB writer Arran McLachlan arranged an exclusive interview with Guillermo Rigondeaux's manager Gary Hyde. Here they talk about Rigondeaux, N'dam, Kalenga and what goes on behind the scenes.
    by Published on 22-02-15 01:29 AM
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    Reigning middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin retained his belts and impressive knockout streak as he stopped brave challenger Martin Murray in the 11th round of their world title contest on Saturday night in Monte Carlo.

    Golovkin - still unbeaten
    by Published on 10-02-15 08:11 PM     Number of Views: 1259 
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    CheckHookBoxing Forum Speaks To Liam Hutchinson

    Liam is one of the new generation of Aussie boxers who at 22, has already held the Queensland state super welter title and now holds the Qld middleweight title. At 10 wins and only once beaten, 2015 could be a big year for this up and comer.

    We would like to thank Jeff for his time, the Q&A was a huge success and is captured here:-

    I hear you're challenging Shannon "Shaggy" King for his Australian Super Welterweight title! Congratulations. What do you see as the keys to winning this fight? What are King's strengths and weaknesses?

    Thanks mate, I know I've got a big opportunity against Shaggy, and we know it will be, by far, my toughest fight to date. He's a big puncher, but we're confident I'll box my way to the win.

    After doing a bit of research thanks to google, I read that you're actually cousins with Paul "Dudey" McCloskey! Have you ever sparred with him? Does he offer you advice?
    Yeah, I made my debut in Ireland and was training out of Dudey's gym in Belfast and really got a feel for the pro game. Dudey's always there offering support and advice. Plus, it was a real thrill having my first pro fight at the Odyssey Arena!

    Quite a thrill to debut at the Odyssey. But what were you doing training in Belfast when you were born in Queensland?
    No worries, that's a good question. I had the opportunity to go over and stay with family in Ireland and train out of Breen's Gym in Belfast with my cousin Paul McCloskey. My debut was on the undercard when he fought Prescott.
    I'd love to get back there again someday, maybe not on the undercard next time :P

    Liam - Just the one loss to your pro record v David Galvin 2.5 years ago. The judges weren't unanimous about it and it was only a 4 rounder. Can you tell us about the fight, what you thought of the decision and whether you want the opportunity to square things up? There's no doubt you've kept onwards and upwards since.
    To be honest, it was a while ago (2012) so I don't really recall the fight in great detail...but if I learned one thing, it was not to let ANY rounds slip. In terms of squaring up the ledger, I believe David Galvin has retired.

    Knowing the successes that Aussie fighters like Wes Capper and Steve Lovett have had relocating to the US for their career, have you thought about moving overseas as an option?
    I would love to go back to Ireland at some point in my career and fight in front of my family again. As to when that might be... I've got a bit of work to do on the Aussie scene first.
    How would you describe your fighting style to those of us who haven't seen you box. What are your strengths and what things do you have to work on?
    I like to think I'm an evasive fighter who has power in both hands. As far as things to work on... I'm trying to be busier.

    I was watching an amateur fight you had in New Caledonia on Youtube and read that you turned pro at 18. What sort of record did you have in the amateurs? What are you finding the biggest differences are between fighting in the amateur and pro ranks?
    Thanks for the great question mate. I had about 30 fights in the amateurs, and to be honest when I turned pro I felt like that's where I belonged. I did win an Australian Junior Title but I was always working toward turning pro. The biggest difference I've found between amateur and pro is that with more rounds you don't have to rush your fight.

    Where did your interest for boxing come from mate? Are there any particular boxers you have watched and been inspired by?
    I started boxing as a way to get fit and then fell in love with it. I'm most inspired by Floyd Mayweather Jr and what he does in the ring.

    Your one punch KO of Will Sands was probably one of the best we've seen domestically in recent years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxgaNiQJn3I. I see on boxrec you also crushed Ryan Heck in your last fight. Do you consider yourself a puncher and do you find that you're punching harder as you get older?
    That was by far one of the best punches I've ever thrown in the ring. I'm never looking for the knockout, but I'm happy when those opportunities come along. I do find the older I get, the harder my punches are getting.

    1) What is your mentality walking to the ring? What goes inside you're head?
    2) How do you seek opponents, how does the match making go for a pro? Do you have any say in the matter?

    1) Walking to the ring I'm trying to stay as calm as possible, and just knowing I've done the work in training helps keep me focused.
    2) My managers, Matt Clark/Brendan Bourke, look after the matchmaking for me - they find them and then we make a decision as a team.

    How would you describe your style for people who have never seen you fight? What is your trademark punch? How long before you think you will be ranked highly?
    I'd say I'm a counter-boxer that can punch. As far as a trademark punch, I'd have to say the name gives it away!
    As far as getting my ranking up goes... getting the better of "Shaggy" King will put me in good stead.

    Give us a bit of an insight into your career so far, and your ambitions in the future
    - Who are some fighters that inspire you etc. from Australia and overseas
    - Are you a "gym rat" ready to fight 24/7? Or do you take a bit of time off between fights?

    G'day mate.
    - I'm currently 10-1 and ready for a big 2015. As far as the future goes, I've been intensely focused on this Australian Title fight, so I'll think about what happens next on March 29th!
    - My overall favourite fighter is Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    - I do take a bit of time off between fights until we lock something in, but I still keep a good fitness up.

    Aside from the obvious, what other interests do you have?
    I enjoy all sports, (I was on the golf course today). Always gotta be keeping active. I don't sit still much
    Who are your favourite fighters to watch, both past and present and your favourite fights?
    Mayweather Jr and Adrien Broner are my favourites at the moment. In terms of the past, you can't go past the classics - Ali v Frazier trilogy!

    Have you fought any southpaws yet? Do you cope with them easy enough? Or did you feel really at sea with it at first? I know most fighters find it really strange first time up.
    I've only fought one Southpaw as a pro, and it didn't get past the first round, so I don't have much to go on just yet.

    You seem to really enjoy digging opponents with that left hook of yours. Whether it be to the head or the body. Is that something somebody specifically taught you? Or did it just come fairly natural to you?
    I find the left hook is a punch that I throw easily and feels natural. There's always room to fine tune and I'm always trying to perfect it.

    Do you think this is really is a golden time for Australian boxing?
    I think Aussie boxing is definitely on the up, and there's plenty of young talent. I'm happy to be a part of it.

    Where do you see yourself in five fights' time and what do have planned for those five fights, mate?
    As far as the next five go - it all depends on the outcome of this next fight - it will determine what path my career takes!

    Liam, how can fight fans see you in your Aussie super welter title fight against Shaggy King March 28?

    Thanks, great question!

    As you say, it's on March 28th at the Mansfield Tavern.
    Doors open 6.15pm, first fight 7pm.

    Ace Boxing Promotions are putting on the fights. For tickets, contact Angelo on 0414 620 296 and tell them "Left Hook" sent you. Sure to be a great night!

    Hey guys, thanks so much for your questions. This was my first forum Q&A!

    Sorry if I missed your question, but you can hit me up also on facebook: www.facebook.com/LiamHutchinsonBoxingbrisbane

    If you can make it to my first Australian Title fight on 28th March at the Mansfield Tavern, come and say hi.

    Thanks again for your time,

    Liam "Left Hook" Hutchie.

    Published on 25-01-15 11:41 AM
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    Rooq's Boxing Promoter is a web-based boxing simulation game which allows you to take the role of a promoter in the world of professional boxing. ...
    by Published on 14-01-15 02:37 PM  Number of Views: 2834 
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    A big year for these men.

    Around this time last year I wrote about 3 heavyweights that would

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